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Health & Economy: The Eat Oregon Seafood Initiative

The #EatOregonSeafood initiative is intended to give the coastal seafood economies a boost as they recover from restaurant closures and other issues related to COVID-19. A rich source of lean protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins B-12 and D, iron, and minerals like zinc and iodine, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends that non-vegetarian adults consume two, four-ounce servings of seafood per week.

The Science of Taste and Smell & the Covid-19 Connection

What can your sense of taste and smell tell you about your health? The answers may surprise you. OSU Food Science Professor Juyun Lim studies how people experience taste, smell, and other related chemosensory stimuli. Her research focuses “primarily on understanding how human taste and smell work and the role of underlying human taste and smell perception and the role of human sensory perception in food preference,” she said.

Corvallis’ Own Snake Scientist Talks Snake Sex, and More

Integrative Biology Professor Bob Mason might just know everything about the intimate life of the garter snake. For over three decades, Mason led the way in unraveling some of the mysteries on snakes, pheromones, and what makes a snake sexy. The Mason Lab at Oregon State University is primarily focused on reproductive biology and a subspecialty of chemical ecology. Much of his research focuses on the red-sided garter snake, who he sees as a model species paving the way to research...

Caesar the Legendary Llama: Fame, Therapy, Education, and Activism

Caesar the No Drama Llama is many things to many people. He is a therapy llama, a llamactivist, a school educator, and an internet celebrity. Juggling all these roles keeps Caesar and his human team busy. Caesar’s human counterpart, farmer and activist Larry McCool owns the Mystic Llama Farm in Jefferson, Oregon. McCool is a Hewlett-Packard retiree with an impressive resume including previous work with GreenPeace in Salem and as a founding member of the Llama Fiber Cooperative of North America.

Masks, Gowns, and Shields: Heroes of Corvallis Sewing Brigade

American cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Ever since there was an anticipated shortage of Personal Protective Equipment or PPE for healthcare professionals, over 1300 Corvallis residents have teamed up to make high quality, home-crafted items.

Lil’ King of the Corvallis Knights

Each summer, baseball fans gather at Goss Stadium to root for the Corvallis Knights. Besides the Knights themselves, fans have mascots Mack the Knight and Lil’ King to thank for the cheers that sweep the stadium. Bringing his 4 foot 2 inches costume to life at every home game, Justin, known as Lil’ King, takes great pride in entertaining fans. “It’s pretty much my dream job,” he said. We agreed to refer to Justin by his first name to protect his privacy and to “preserve the mystery for the kid

Sky Rights: Union Leader Sara Nelson

Corvallis native Sara Nelson is a force to be reckoned with. A rising star of the U.S. labor movement, she garnered national attention after using her AFL-CIO award acceptance speech as a call to action, urging all union members to unite to fight the previous federal government shutdown. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders even publicly thanked Nelson and her union, for motivating congress to end the 35-day shutdown. As International President of the Association of Flight Attendants, Nelson s

Gadusol: Safer Sunscreen for Fish & Humans

Every summer, ocean lovers face the sunscreen dilemma. Fully protective sunscreen helps prevent sunburn and skin cancer, yet some popular sunscreen ingredients may harm marine life and the environment. Gadusol Laboratories is a Corvallis-based startup that hopes to offer a nature-inspired solution to the sunscreen dilemma by developing new sun protection alternatives based on a naturally occurring compound, called gadusol, found in marine organisms which provides UVB protection to the organisms.

Lora DiCarlo Battles Sex Tech Bias

It all started with an orgasm, according to Lora Haddock, founder of Lora DiCarlo. The Oregon sexual tech company gained worldwide attention when their debut product won a Consumer Electronics Show Innovation Award, only to have it taken away due to the show’s so-called standards of decency. Since the Consumer Electronics Show previously included male-oriented sex tech products, this decision prompted conversations about sexual bias in the technology industry.

La Familia Cider Wins Corvallis Shark Tank Competition

Representatives from six regional start-up businesses pitched their brands to a panel of entrepreneurs at the Willamette Innovators Network’s (WIN) Shark Tank event this year. WIN organizers indicated the 2019 Shark Tank is their biggest yet. Previously, they held the event at The Vue and sold out, so for 2019 they moved to the Majestic where they sold over 100 tickets. “This is probably our best Shark Tank event. It’s twice as big as our event last year, with twice as many teams, and the ener

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People use Google and Pinterest to find content to enhance their lives. Lifestyle content helps you connect with your ideal customer as you are offering something they value.

Try These 5 Easy Ways to Stop Stress Now

Stress is a killer! It comes from the flight or fight impulse that helps with crisis situations. However, when stress is chronic and not managed, it is dangerous. Reducing stress is essential to your fitness and wellbeing. Managing stress is vital to your fitness and wellbeing. While some of these tips may seem obvious, I wanted to focus on sustainable lifestyle changes that will help reduce stress. According to the Mayo Clinic, stress can contribute to weight gain, heart disease, and other is


Friendsgiving holds a special place in my heart. What is there not to love about enjoying good times and good food with good friends? It is a welcome respite during the hectic holiday season. It can be easy and casual or extravagant. There are no rules. Friendsgiving is not bound to the same traditions as a family Thanksgiving. I consider my closest friends an extension of my chosen family. Why not take the time to celebrate them? I celebrated my first Friendsgiving while living abroad in the

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I write business-to-business content for small business and not-for-profit organization's websites. Most of this content is anonymous, ghostwritten content. Here are a few samples of bylined on branding, small business marketing, or social media.

How to Use Social Media to Promote a Local Business

Pinterest and Instagram are marketing gold mines for local travel and hospitality brands. Using these social media platforms, it is easier than ever to reach and engage future guests. But sometimes small businesses with limited marketing budgets overlook the importance of social media marketing beyond Facebook. Sadly, they miss out on opportunities to connect with potential guests early in their vacation planning process. The good news is with a little planning and creativity, you can draw peo

Spring Cleaning Your Small Business' Marketing Strategy

Spring means a new quarter and new opportunities for your small business. Here’s how to refresh your marketing strategy for the season of growth. For many people, spring signifies new beginnings. It’s also a chance to refresh and declutter their homes and lives. Your small business marketing may also benefit from a little spring cleaning. For small business marketers, spring marks the end of Q1 and the start of Q2. So, now is the perfect time to evaluate your online branding and messaging. Tak

Custom Articles & Blog Posts

Does your website attract your future customers? If not, it is time for new content. Original custom articles and blog posts can help your business grow. They attract your future customers to your website. Not just any content will do the job. Your content needs to be helpful, answer questions, or help solve your reader’s problem. Words By Sam specializes in creating original articles and blog posts for small business and not-for-profit websites.

Getting Down to Content Marketing Basics

One thing I have learned is a content writer cannot be all things to all people. We also cannot be all things to all search engines, social media networks or ranking algorithms. There is so much noise in the field of content marketing. Sometimes we just need to get down to basics and focus on the things that matter. Usually, we want to share an inspiring idea or useful information. The best content speaks to a particular person and makes that person’s life easier or better.

Fitness & Fitness Tech

People are hungry for fitness information that is easy to understand. My content writing career started as an active lifestyle blogger. I create empowering and useful content on fitness technology and wearables.

Sleep Health: How Your Natural Circadian Rhythms Can Boost Health and Productivity

Every cell in your body responds to an internal clock, kind of like how you plan your day around a schedule. Researchers are beginning to learn how our internal rhythms affect every aspect of our health and well being. "We didn't realize at the time that this clock would be represented all over the body in many different tissues and control so many different biological processes that we go through every day. It left us with the understanding that our whole body is rhythmically active."

How A Weekend In Vegas Impacts Biometrics

You may have heard the expression, "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." Unfortunately, this may not be true when it comes to your biometrics like Heart Rate Variability. A night or weekend out can take a toll whether you are at a graduation party locally or a bachelor - bachelorette party in Vegas. A weekend of drinking, staying out late, eating junk foods, or partying creates stress to your body that takes time to recover. The good news is that you can be healthy and still celebrate life.

ASMR: Is Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response the Key to Stress Relief?

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) became an underground "cult" mindfulness technique. Practitioners report feelings of blissful relaxation, meditation-like states, and flow. Some who suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, and depression find it an effective technique to relieve their condition. Some people report experiencing a tingling sensation across the scalp and back of the neck in response to specific audio and visual stimuli. Often they associate this sensation wit

How To Get Started With Your New Fitbit

Your new Fitbit is a fun and powerful motivator. It can coach you to increase your activity level, to eat right, or to get enough sleep. While many people love their Fitbit activity trackers, some get frustrated as they do not know how to make the best use of it. While Fitbit’s interface is fairly intuitive, there is always a learning curve. As a long time Fitbit user, I want to share a few tips to help you get started. Most likely, you chose your Fitbit to help you on your journey to a health

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If your business involves food or drink, recipes are a great way to attract traffic to your website. 

Eating Healthy on a Budget

Most grocery stores feature fresh foods on the perimeter of the store and more processed foods inside. So the outer perimeter usually includes the fresh produce, fresh protein, bakery, deli, and dairy. Shopping from the outside-first saves time because you choose your fresh foods first. Keep in mind that the outer parameter might also include the bakery, alcoholic beverages, and deli. Not everything on the outside is healthy or thrifty! Grocery stores tend to organize their store this way because the outer perimeter has easy access to refrigeration, ovens, and other appliances.

Red Carpet Ready Truffle Parmesan Popcorn Recipe

Red Carpet Parmesan Truffle Popcorn is an upgraded snack for foodies, adults or those who want a red carpet snacking experience. Popcorn is a popular film viewing snack. It is inexpensive, potentially low in calories (depending on the toppings) and delicious. And it can also be glamorous! For red carpet worthy popcorn, I seasoned it with freshly​ popped corn with grated fresh Parmesan cheese, truffle oil, organic garlic powder and fresh ground pepper. Yum!
Sam S.

Smooth Chocolate Coconut Chia Pudding Recipe

Chocolate for breakfast? Yes, I admit sometimes I enjoy this Chocolate Coconut Chia Seed Pudding for breakfast. It seems so decadent, but is actually quite healthy and keeps me satisfied until lunch. Chocolate chia pudding tastes like a vegan chocolate mousse. Only this chocolate mousse contains healthy superfoods such as chia seeds, raw cacao nibs, coconut milk, etc. It is delicious served with fresh fruit or nuts.