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The Etiquette Rules You Should Follow When At A Winery - Foodie

The Etiquette Rules You Should Follow When At A Winery Spending an afternoon or evening at a winery is a delightful sensory experience. Not only do you get to drink some delicious vino, but you also get to do it in a gorgeous setting. Whether it is a vineyard where they grow the grapes or an urban tasting room designed to give a similar intimate feeling, most are happy to serve anyone from complete noobs to wine professionals.

Lillet Spritz Very Well Could Be The Best Aperol Alternative - Mashed

Lillet Spritz Very Well Could Be The Best Aperol Alternative

As summer approaches, few cocktails are as refreshing as a spritz. While the Aperol spritz is a sure classic, why not mix up your spritz game with another aromatic liqueur? The refreshing drink taking the world by storm this summer is the Lillet spritz.

TikToker @dianavaldemar510 describes Lillet as tasting, "delicious, crisp, refreshing, floral, everything I want in a summer drink." The method of making a Lillet Spritz is similar to

Wine Tasting Near Corvallis

For wine lovers, no trip to Corvallis or the Willamette Valley would be complete without visiting a few of the area vineyards or wineries. This is especially true for anyone who enjoys Pinot Noir!

Guests who book one of Fernwood Circle Guest Houses vacation rentals often ask which Willamette Valley wine tasting rooms we recommend. We compiled this guide because it is hard to choose just one in an area with such a rich craft beverage and wine culture.

Are Round Wines No Longer A Thing? - The Daily Meal

You may have noticed that the wine world has its own language, whether you simply enjoy a glass of vino or are seriously into wine-tasting. It's hard enough to understand some of the flavor notes, but how do shapes come into play? Some wine lovers may describe a wine as "round," referring to its texture and mouthfeel.

Sommeliers Choice Awards describes a round wine as having a "smooth texture, not coarse or tannic." Tannins are bitter phenolic compounds found in grape skins, stems, and seeds.

Other Beverages

Articles about spirits, mead, cider, and other craft beverages in the Willamette Valley, Oregon.

When Pre-Batching Your Cocktails, Don't Forget About Temperature - Mashed

When Pre-Batching Your Cocktails, Don't Forget About Temperature

If you enjoy cocktails, then one of life's pleasures likely includes enjoying a hand-crafted cocktail with friends, during date night, or while relaxing alone. Pre-batched cocktails can be incredibly convenient, especially for events like parties or weddings. They can also be great if you want to ensure you have consistently high-quality drinks waiting when you want to unwind or even if you decided to host an impromptu get-togethe

Wild Roots Spirits Begins New Era With Canned Cocktails

Wild Roots Spirits crafts their infused line of fruited spirits in ways that make them fit in as well at the farmer’s market as in a cocktail bar. Although classic vodka and gin are among their offerings, the Northwest craft distillery is well known for fruit infused alcohol. Co-owner of Wild Roots Spirits, Ali Joseph, took a moment to share insights into what makes Wild Roots stand out in the crowded craft spirits market.

Nectar Creek Meadery's Last Day, Saturday

Nectar Creek Meadery has announced they will be closing for good, and they are inviting the public for one last visit.

On Saturday, October 5 they will hold a final celebration at their Philomath taphouse from opening at 11 am through closing time around 10 pm. Throughout the weekend they will also hold a mead sale in the taproom.

The award-winning meadery announced the closure on October 1.

Brothers Phillip and Nick Lorenz founded the business in 2012. In 2015, they swept the session mead ca

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I enjoy telling stories about the people who create craft beverages and wine. Here are a few examples as well as wine or beverage-related "life hack" style articles.