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The Case For Adding Black Pepper To Cake Frosting - Mashed

The Case For Adding Black Pepper To Cake Frosting

Move over salted caramel, it's time to let chocolate peppercorn bask in the spotlight. If you crave salty yet sweet caramel, you may also enjoy other unexpected ingredients in your baked goods. For example, ground peppercorns add a surprising hint of spice. Before you say no, consider whether you were one of those people who once hesitated to add sea salt to toffee.

5 Platforms to Find Kids’ Shows and Entertainment With Your Library Card

Whether it is a rainy Saturday or a snow day, sometimes you may want wholesome entertainment for the kids in your life. While most streaming video platforms offer children’s entertainment, you may want something different.

If you have a public library card, chances are your library might offer hours of free entertainment, including shows, interactive stories, games, and comics. Some have an educational leaning, while others are purely for fun.

Are Round Wines No Longer A Thing? - The Daily Meal

You may have noticed that the wine world has its own language, whether you simply enjoy a glass of vino or are seriously into wine-tasting. It's hard enough to understand some of the flavor notes, but how do shapes come into play? Some wine lovers may describe a wine as "round," referring to its texture and mouthfeel.

Sommeliers Choice Awards describes a round wine as having a "smooth texture, not coarse or tannic." Tannins are bitter phenolic compounds found in grape skins, stems, and seeds.

How to Create a Collaborative Spotify Playlist With Your Family This Holiday Season

During the holidays, many of us connect with family members, including those with whom we don't spend much time. Sometimes happy memories result, and other times it can be super awkward.

Whether your gathering is small or includes the extended family, you may bond over food, shared activities, and holiday traditions. If you are looking for a new shared activity, creating a Spotify collaborative holiday playlist can be a fun way to enhance the environment.

Here's What Happened To Kodiak Cakes After Shark Tank - Mashed

Here's What Happened To Kodiak Cakes After Shark Tank Pancakes are a delicious breakfast and brunch staple, but often we find them unsatisfying once the initial sugar buzz wears off. Kodiak Cakes aimed to offer an alternative, using whole grains and added protein that may keep you satisfied for longer. Starting as a family business, co-founder Joel Clark and his older brother sold their mother's whole grain pancake mix out of their red wagon when Clark was just eight years old (per the brand).

The French Baguette Is Now Under Cultural Protection By The U.N. - Mashed

The French Baguette Is Now Under Cultural Protection By The U.N.

When you think of French cuisine, you may think of rich buttery sauces, posh pastries, and elegant meals. Or perhaps you think of a warm, freshly baked baguette. There's just something about biting into the delightfully crisp crust to get to that soft fluffy center. And now, the art of making a quality baguette has attained special status alongside other globally recognized cultural arts and traditions.

When You Should Be Seasoning Scrambled Eggs For Optimum Flavor - The Daily Meal

Foodies are divided on whether it is better to salt your eggs before, during, or after the cooking process. During a demonstration on Season 8, Episode 5 of "MasterChef," Gordon Ramsey explained his famous scrambled egg technique. He urged the chefs to avoid adding salt and pepper too early, since that can cause the eggs to "go gray and turn watery." Instead, he suggests seasoning at the end.

The Extra Step That Will Give You The Smoothest Pumpkin Pie Ever - Mashed

What is it about pumpkin pie? It could be the silky smooth texture, the vibrant autumnal color, or maybe the sweet yet spicy flavor. Whatever it is, the beloved dessert has been a Thanksgiving tradition for centuries, and people in the Americas have enjoyed pumpkins in some form since 5500 B.C., according to the History Channel. In fact, members of the Wampanoag tribe ate pumpkins and may have brought some to the "first Thanksgiving."

Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Skeptical About Its New Gingerbread Ice Cream - The Daily Meal

During the holiday season, there is just something so welcoming about stepping into a room to catch a sniff of warm, freshly baked gingerbread, with notes of cinnamon and nutmeg filling the air. In fact, gingerbread may literally be the OG comfort food. In ancient China and Egypt, people used ginger to stimulate circulation, ease indigestion, and promote well-being, per UCLA's EatWell. Later on, Europeans started enjoying gingerbread in ancient Greece as a way to preserve costly ginger, and soon enough, every generation started putting its own spin on the spicy treat. In the Middle Ages, bakers created works of art forming firm gingerbread cookies into shapes of animals and royalty and decorating them with icing and even gold leaf (via PBS).
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