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Play Piano Play Pianos in Corvallis | Corvallis Fall Festival

Play Corvallis Play is an inclusive public music event that serves as the opening act for Corvallis Fall Festival. When you visit Corvallis parks and public spaces between August 12 - September 9, don’t be surprised of music fills the air.

Download the Play, Corvallis, Play map and brochure! Or pick one up at any of the pianos.

Everyone is welcome to play the pianos during daylight hours while they are open. Out of respect for our neighbors, we lock keyboards around 9pm and reopen them in the

Why Should My Kids Learn To Code?

Parents often ask, “Why should my kids learn to code?” As a parent, you probably heard the top jobs in the future are in fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). This “future” is already happening.

If you look at the jobs that have been booming in the last decade, it’s easy to see that there is one sector that’s here to stay: Technology!

Whether you use your smartphone or computer at work, a programmer touches your life. While computer coding skills are highly desired, the b

2017 May be the Year of the Child Friendly Robot

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid, I wanted a real robot. As robotic technology gets less expensive, the child-friendly​ robot is becoming an affordable reality.

STEM and other educational programs make use of robots for engineering, programming and other technology classes. The STEM Center, an Educational Toys company, claim robotics is “increasingly being considered as the fourth “R” of learning.”


Friendsgiving holds a special place in my heart. What is there not to love about enjoying good times and good food with good friends? It is a welcome respite during the hectic holiday season.

It can be easy and casual or extravagant. There are no rules. Friendsgiving is not bound to the same traditions as a family Thanksgiving. I consider my closest friends an extension of my chosen family. Why not take the time to celebrate them?

I celebrated my first Friendsgiving while living abroad in the

Hot STEM Toys for Children and Adults

Every parent wants their child to excel in school and grow up to have a successful career. There is a lot of buzz about STEM education (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics). Educators and experts proclaim a solid STEM foundation is essential for the jobs of tomorrow. Unfortunately, some children do not develop an interest in STEM subjects early enough.

Several companies seek to solve the challenge many parents and educators face.

The Joy of Tinkering or How To Make Learning STEM Fun

Tinkering and the Maker Movement are hot areas for STEM learning. These programs are so engaging because kids and teens love to create and experiment.

To better illustrate the power of Tinkering, TechVenture instructor Anuja describes how tinkering ignites a love for learning. The photographs are from a different Tinkering class and taken by TechVentures photographer Leila Saghafi.

It is said that any advanced form of learning is indistinguishable from play.