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For a parent, processing a child’s gender transition can be an emotional journey. The Corvallis Arts Center hosts Annette Sabater’s exhibit, “An Iris Stands Tall” running April 23, through June 14. The exhibit chronicles a mother’s journey as her daughter transitions. Gender identity, discovery, and love are among the themes explored by the artist. “This is such a loving show,” explained Arts Center curator Hester Coucke. “The art feels contemporary yet has a strong narrative and really tells a story.”

Red Dress Run & Dance Party, Apr 6

If you go Downtown on Saturday April 6, be prepared to either see red, or to wear it. The long-running Red Dress Party raises funds for the Sick Town Derby Dames non-profit roller derby league. Earlier that same evening, the Corvallis Hash Harriers will lead a Red Dress Run throughout Corvallis. Both events share a tradition: participants of all genders historically wear red dresses. However, the Sick Town Derby Dames recently broadened the dress code to include other “festive” red outfits.

2019 Poster Artist: Earl Newman | Corvallis Fall Festival

“I am grateful to live in this area,” said Earl Newman, the 2019 Corvallis Fall Festival poster artist. Earl said he enjoys the natural beauty of the area and the friendly creative community. For his Corvallis Fall Festival poster design he drew inspiration from the things he loves about the Corvallis area. He chose a bright color scheme that reminds him of the fruits and flowers of the season as well as the rainbow reflecting the diversity in the community. If you look closely, you will see i

Play Piano Play Pianos in Corvallis | Corvallis Fall Festival

Play Corvallis Play is an inclusive public music event that serves as the opening act for Corvallis Fall Festival. When you visit Corvallis parks and public spaces between August 12 - September 9, don’t be surprised of music fills the air. Download the Play, Corvallis, Play map and brochure! Or pick one up at any of the pianos. Everyone is welcome to play the pianos during daylight hours while they are open. Out of respect for our neighbors, we lock keyboards around 9pm and reopen them in the

CMC 2019: Post-Show Follow-Up | Content Marketing Conference

Chances are you got fired up at CMC. Don’t let that fire fizzle out when you return to your home and job. Use the first few days after you return home to apply what you learned and build relationships with the people you met. Congratulations on recognizing the importance of content in today’s marketing environment! By attending CMC, you invested yourself in producing excellent content. We hope the insights, techniques, and ideas you encountered at CMC will help you reach the next step in your c

Play, Corvallis, Play!

Play, Corvallis, Play returns to Corvallis from August 12 through September 9. Music will fill the air as people play pianos placed in parks and public spaces. This community art installation features decorated pianos located in public spaces throughout Corvallis. People of all ages play the pianos. The ten piano locations include the Benton County Library, Riverfront Park, Oregon State University, outside Paint and Wine, outside Market of Choice and 4 pianos throughout downtown Corvallis. Everyone is welcome to play the pianos during most daylight hours. Visit corvallisfallfestival.org for the exact piano locations.

CMC Track: Content Planning | Content Marketing Conference

We’ll let you in on a secret, content planning is essential to successful content marketing. Your content takes your audience members on a journey. The difference between well-planned and unplanned content is like the difference between a planned road trip and just driving. You’re more likely to get where you want to go with planning. At the 2019 Content Marketing Conference (CMC), we have amazing workshops covering the latest content planning methodology, trends, emerging technology, and more!

CMC Track: Content Creation 1 | Content Marketing Conference

As a content creator, do you lay awake at night wondering how to hook your audience’s attention? In today’s crowded content field, you have less than ten seconds to catch and hold the reader’s attention. Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Join us at the Content Marketing Conference (CMC) in April to learn real-world techniques that will give you the edge you need to stand out among the sea of mediocre content. During five actionable sessions, learn the art and science of creating content that transfor

Film Festival

Each year the Crossroads International Film Festival presents engaging films from all over the world at the Darkside Cinema in Corvallis, Oregon. We believe film connects with other viewpoints, experiences, and cultures. Our all-volunteer committee selects five engaging and entertaining films. All proceeds benefit our parent organization Crossroads International to support international friendship and cultural sharing through our volunteer-run community programs.